McPherson Wood & Carbon Fiber Guitars

by Matt McPherson

McPherson builds high-end acoustics with slick and innovative designs that exudes pure class. A McPherson guitar is always a visual treat of form and function with a proprietary cantilevered neck which works in line with an offeset soundhole to free up the top of the guitar body for fuller acoustic vibrations.

The folks at McPherson understand that innovation is only worthwhile if built on strong acoustic foundations. Working on improvements based on the X-brace pattern perfected by Martin guitars 70 years ago, a McPherson features a tailored “state-of-the-art” bracing pattern which further increases the amount of vibration on the guitar top. The resulting tone is huge and dynamic, characterized by a low-end that erupts forth with a sense of purpose without losing definition.

One can expect a McPherson to produce tight, powerful chords full of harmonic complexity with a sense of tonal balance often lacking in fuller-bodied acoustics. There is also enough responsiveness and dynamic range to make this a great fingerstyle guitar.

McPherson carbon fiber guitars shares similar traits to their wood counterparts. ​A brainchild from the partnership between Matt McPherson, founder of McPherson® Guitars, and  Ellis Seal, founder of Composite Acoustics®, a McPherson carbon fiber guitar truely produces the tonal warmth and dynamic range previously found only in high-end wood guitars.​

Weighing only a few pounds, these compact and stage-worthy carbon guitars constantly delight players today with zero maintenance and a truely great tone.

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