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Kevin Ryan

Kevin Ryan was working Southern California-based Northrop Aeroscience Lab when he prototyped his first guitar design in 1987. By day, he built jet fighter models for transonic wind tunnel testing. Late into the evenings, he worked on guitars, obsessively re-imagining the traditional aesthetics and sound of the iconic American instrument.


Kevin’s inspiration from contemporary design and advanced tooling garnered attention within the larger guitar industry and, within three decades, his visionary work helped set a new standard for the look, feel, and performance of modern acoustic instruments.


By 2010, Acoustic Guitar Magazine crowned Kevin Ryan one of the most influential builders in the recent three decades and his guitars “A blueprint for scores of other builders” and “a modern classic”.


Kevin’s guitars are works of art with a modern tone worthy of angels. A masterpiece meant for the most discerning which will only go up in value in time. Words cannot adequately describe