This store was established to serve those who have supported me in my music endeavors for the past decade and to bring joy to like-minded individuals who are as passionate about guitars as I am.
I seek to help you make the most informed decision by sharing all I know about guitars in an experiential manner, and in doing so, put the right guitar in your hands at the fairest price available in the market.
I look forward to knowing you and hope to contribute to making your guitar journey a fun and exciting one.
Bernard Godfrey


Specially Curated Guitars
Private space to experience a comprehensive collection of some of the finest guitars in the world.
Gourmet Coffee, Whisky & Beer
Enjoy gourmet coffee, beer and whisky on us in a comfortable setting during you visit.
Price-match Guarantee
We offer a price match guarantee for brand new guitars within 30-days of a purchase so you can focus on choosing the right guitar and not be distracted by pricing.
Lifetime Transferable Warranty
We hope to protect the resale value of your guitar when you buy from us. More details available below.
Affordable Shipping Concierge
Prefer buying directly from your favourite store or builder? Let us assist in shipping so it is safer, quicker and cheaper for you.


We value our relationship with you and will like to provide you with a lifetime of support. It is with that in mind that the following were thought out. Beyond our sincere welcome over fine guitars, gourmet coffee and drinks everytime you visit, we will like to offer these liftime entitlements to you as a show of our sincerity.

Lifetime Warranty


All guitars come with a lifetime warranty for any issues not due to human misuse or natural wear and tear. Should the latter occur, you can expect minor fixes to be completed at no charge and only a token fee will be charged for complicated fixes as it is not in our intention to profit from your guitar woes.



Lifetime Transferable Warranty

We are committed to providing you with more value for your hard earned purchases. In that spirit, we hope to add to the resale value of your guitar even after your purchase by honoring a transferable warranty should you ever decide to pass it on to another home as life's priorities may dictate us.

We will restore your guitar to a shine when you send it in to us and will take the opportunity to inspect the guitar and register the details to its new owner. 


Basic Setup & Neck Relief Adjustment


A straightened guitar neck reduces the action of a guitar and allows for improved playability. We personally prefer a slight relief and will adjust your neck relief to your preference. We will also check on your string radius, saddle and bridge height, electronics and intonation for electric guitars.



Fret Polishing with Micro-mesh


Micro-mesh is available in several grits, like sandpaper, but is fine enough to use without fear of eating into the frets. We will polish your frets to a shine with 1200-1500 grit micro-mesh.



3-Day ToneRite Treatment*


By mimicking a played instrument's physics, ToneRite accelerates the natural play-in process and helps a guitar’s tone to mature. Your guitar will exhibit a significant improvement in tone and resonance after the treatment.



Dehumidify your Guitar*


A guitar that is not swelling generally resonates better and allows for a more comfortable playing action. As a result most guitar builders recommend maintaining your guitar at constant humidity levels of 45%-55% for optimal playability and tone.


Doing so also protects the wood and glue joints of your instrument from damaging shrink-swell cycles due to fluctuating humidity levels.


If you live in a humid country, we typically recommend dehumidifying your guitar quarterly if you do not have the luxury of a dehumidifier or a indusrial grade humidity control agent (Eg. Humidisorb pack) at home.



*Only recommended for acoustic guitars.

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