This McPherson MG4.5 guitar comes with a redwood top and Brazilian rosewood back and sides. Redwood provides for a lush open tone similar to cedar but with the added advantage of projection found on spruce top guitars. It pairs very well with Brazilian rosewood, the holy grail of tonewoods, which is highly sought after for its broad range of overtones and resonance.

Like all McPherson guitars, the guitar comes with a proprietary offset soundhole and a cantilevered neck which enhances the tone of the guitar by allowing the top of the guitar to vibrate freely. Within the soundhole, a series of braces are designed to arch just under the guitar topwood with minimal contact, allowing tonal vibrations to be maximized while providing for structural strength.

This consigned guitar is in amazing condition and is as good as new. It has aged well and has a big open tone due to its 4.5" body depth which gives it plenty of volume and headroom. The guitar sounds lush and articulate with a sustain that rings forever. Plugged in, the guitar plays like a dream and reproduces an acoustically rich and balanced tone. This apparent character in every McPherson guitar comes from the on-board LR Baggs electronics which have been specially tweaked to complement every McPherson guitar.

Pre-owned McPherson MG4.5 in redwood and Brazilian rosewood.

​​Redwood top showcasing nature at its best with idiosyncratic streaks and coloration.

​​Redwood top framed in Hawaiian koa binding.

​​A proprietary cantilevered neck frees the guitar top for fuller acoustic resonance while award winning LR Baggs element active electronics provides for a stage-worthy tone.

An off-set soundhole brings the acoustic presence closer to the player while freeing up the guitar top for fuller vibrations.


Brazilian rosewood bridge with bone saddle for improved tonal response.

Brazilian rosewood back and sides framed in Hawaiian koa binding.

Mahogany neck with ebony heel cap polished to a shine.

Brazilian rosewood at its finest showcasing a rich gradient of chocolate brown to red-brown hues and contrasting streaks.

Brazilian rosewood faceplate with McPherson logo in mother of pearl. ​​Schaller M6G gold tuners provides for additional tuning stability and precision.

Premium Ameritage hardcase with built-in humidification system.

Premium Brazilian rosewood back and sides.

​​Front view of MG4.5 acoustic guitar in redwood and Brazilian rosewood.

Back view of MG4.5 acoustic guitar in redwood and Brazilian rosewood.

Full Specifications

Top Wood: Redwood

Back & Sides: Brazilian Rosewood

Truss Rod: Non-adjustable, unidirectional high-modulus carbon fiber

Bridge: Ebony

Bridge pins: Ebony unslotted with mother of pearl dot

Fingerboard: Ebony with 14 inch radius

Soundhole: Offset soundhole

Neck: Cantilevered

Nut: Natural bone (Three custom bone saddles set up for low, medium, and tall action)

Binding: Ebony

Tuners: Schaller M6G gold tuning machines

Strap Button: Gold

Inlay: McPherson mother of pearl inlay on head cap

Finish: IC&S UV finish

Strings: Elixir Nanoweb medium gauge strings

Scale length: 25 1/2"

Upper bout: 11 1/8"

Waist: 10 1/8"

Lower bout: 16"

Body length: 20 1/8"

Body depth: 4.5”

Overall length: 41 1/2"

Fretboard radius: 14"

Standard neck width: 1 3/4" at nut, 2 5/32 at 12th fret

String spacing at bridge: 2 3/16"

Electronics: L.R. Baggs pick-up, pre-amp and volume control

Case: Custom fit Ameritage case with built in humidification system

Retail Price: SGD$17000

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