Technovation PD16-SAR

Portable Dehumifier

A compact and silent industrial-grade dehumidifier.

Most builders recommend maintaining your guitar at constant humidity levels of 45%-55% for optimal playability and tone as a guitar that is not swelling generally resonates better and allows for a more comfortable playing action.


Doing so also protects the wood and glue joints of your instrument from damaging shrink-swell cycles due to fluctuating humidity levels. A common occurence for USA made guitars finding its way to high humidity countries.


The PD16-SAR is designed for an enclosed room size of 10-50 square metre and will remove up to 16 litres of water daily while maintainging yoor room humidity at your desired preset.

This unit is quieter than a casement air condition unit made possible by anti-vibration bush mountings in its compressor and an ABS plastic casing which shields noise effectively. This dehumidifier also comes with a built in digital digital hygrometer a 1 year warranty.


Technovation PD-16 portable industrial-grade dehumidifer

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