CHARIS SJ S/N 440 Build Thread
European Swiss Spruce top with Hawaiian Koa back and sides
We had the pleasure to work on a visually stunning piece of koa sourced by Bill in the month of November 2015. Highly flamed koa with dark chocolatey stripes are hard to come by these days,  making this build an extremely visually exciting one for us.

This SJ was  built with our favourite european swiss alpine spruce top and we chose a more subtle cocobolo binding over our often preferred koa to give this build a tinge of understated elegance.


European swiss alpine spruce was chosen for the top as they have been prized by luthiers for its quick response and great headroom. This light weight top projects harmonic complexity and offers unparalleled fullness at the lower end of the dynamic range, allowing for rich bell-like tones across a wide tonal spectrum. Aesthetically, It enjoys the added advantage of a gorgeous colour and uniformity in grain over adirondack red spruce tops, another Holy Grail of topwoods for steel-string guitars.

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