We carry a range of complementry items aimed at making your guitar playing more comfortable and your instrument sounding better.


Most of these items can be delivered within 1-2 working days to your door step with free postage within Singapore.

Moody Leather Straps


Moody has a stellar reputation of being one of the best strap makers in town.


Each strap is handmade with 3 layers of premium full-grain italian leather that will develop a rich patina as it ages, making them more gorgeous as they age.


Having 3 layers of soft supple leather creates a strap that is soft, supple and extremely durable. This strap is made to last a lifetime and will certainly delight any guitar player.


Elixir Guitar Strings


Elixir strings have a reputation for being the longest lasting in humid weather. Apart from sounding great, they also tend to feel generally softer (lower tension) to touch when compared to other strings.


It is thus not surprising that they have been voted "Best Guitar Strings" by over 50 music publications from over 20 countries worldwide.

Taylor Assorted Marble Picks


These assorted marble picks from Taylor Guitars always make great gifts. They come in packs of ten and are available in thin or medium gauge.


Humidisorb Humidity Control Packs


Most builders recommend maintaining your guitar at constant humidity levels of 45%-55% for optimal playability and tone. Doing so also protects the wood and glue joints of your instrument from damaging shrink-swell cycles due to fluctuating humidity levels.

Humidisorb achieves this by stabilizing and controling humidity in your hardcase while reducing tarnish on your strings and instrument. This will be your next best alternative to a portable dehumidifier.

Technovation Portable Dehumidifier


The PD16-SAR is designed for an enclosed room size of 10-50 square metre and will remove up to 16 litres of water daily.

This unit is quieter than a casement air condition unit made possible by anti-vibration bush mountings in its compressor and an ABS plastic casing which shields noise effectively. This dehumidifier also comes with a built in digital hygrometer a one year warranty.

Mainstage Premium Cases


Mainstage cases are increasingly becoming the case of choice for many boutique builders. Olsen Guitars, Charis Acoustics and Greenfield Guitars just to name a few.


These custom hand-built lightweight hardcases are built specifically for each instrument and is decked in luxurious plush padding for a perfect snug fit.